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I am the founder of Big Bang Markets Limited, a Hong Kong-based software and hardware startup company. I have accumulated over 19 years of experience (including education) in software and hardware research. Over the years, I have worked on a wide selection of projects ranging from arbitrage systems, to software platforms and personal safety and security devices. My goal in every project is to challenge the status quo and develop innovation that transcends current technological barriers and make people’s lives better.


CabinR – Multiple Sensor-based Flexible Anti theft Technology

The scope of this project is defined as creating a unique anti-theft device in the form of a security blanket in which users can use to protect their items inside any kind of bag. To do so, multiple sensors are embedded into a soft fabric which forms the security blanket. The sensors continuously monitor the blanket, and will sound an alarm if theft activity is detected, while suppressing false alarms due to normal movement caused by turbulence, etc. The anti-theft security blanket will then be integrated seamlessly into two travel bags: one messenger bag and one backpack.

CabinR Anti-theft Security Blanket

Radar-Based Obstacle Detection System for the Elderly and Disabled

The scope of this project is defined as a small portable wearable electronic device that is able to detect obstacles in front of the user by virtue of using radar technology. Obstacles are defined as to be something in front of the individual that significantly changes the level of the floor or ground.

The World’s Smallest Posture Monitor Sensor

Initially, the scope of this project will be narrowly defined as a wearable posture monitor sensor that clips onto eye glasses with the following features:

  • It should continuously monitor user’s head posture
  • If it detects that head angle deviates > 30 degrees from the “baseline” angle for more than 2 minutes, sound an alarm
  • It should allow the user to dismiss the alarm
  • It should allow the user to re-calibrate the “baseline” angle
  • It should go into standby mode when not in use
  • It should wake up from standby mode upon use

Using Air Pressure Sensors Inside Air-Filled Cushions to Detect The Risk of Babies Falling Off Beds

The scope of this project is defined as a cushion that surrounds a baby during sleep that detects if the baby pressed onto the cushion, in which a notification is sent to the parent’s phone, alerting the parent that the baby is near the edge of the bed.

The Anti-counterfeiting use of QR Codes for Authenticating Money and Other Valuable Items

The scope of this project is defined as:

  • Using QR Code to authenticate money (Banknotes) & other valuable items
  • Using database access patterns & statistics to detect the risk of counterfeits

PineID – WiFi & RFID based Staff Attendance and Checkpoint System

The scope of this project is to create a wireless WiFi & RFID based attendance and checkpoint system for staff of a retirement home.

The main purpose of the attendance system is to replace the current punch card system and to digitalize the records. The data can then pass into the PineStaff system for analysis and calculate the monthly salary for each staff.

The checkpoint system is used to enhance the patrolling in the retirement homes. Each checkpoint will use RFID card as point of contact. The patrolling staff will register to the checkpoint RFID card readers with their own staff ID and use the card readers to log at each checkpoint during their patrol.


A’ Design Award & Competition (Italy)
Silver Award Winner in Fashion and Travel Accessories Design, 2018

Asia International Innovative Invention Award 2018 (Hong Kong)
Gold Award



  • US Patent No.: 15/620,797 (Apr. 2019)
  • Australia Standard Patent No.: 2017203149 (May 2017)
  • China Standard Patent No.: ZL 2016 1 0756349.7 (Feb. 2020)
  • China Utility Model Patent No.: ZL 2016 2 0972374.4 (Apr. 2017)
  • Hong Kong Short Term Patent No.: HK1223499 (Jul. 2017)

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